My "Romance series" cherries


Save at least one and see if it needs to be fully mature before fruiting. You might be glade you saved it. Some cherries take five years or more before they break out with lots of spurs!
If these don’t produce I have the song free ride in my head for the nursery that sold them!


Yeah, I plan on giving them a couple more years before I do anything dramatic. I just need to get a handle on what their problem is relating to not pushing leaf. If it is only a deal where they require more fert, that’s no biggie. And it’s doubtful I can do much about winter kill if they’re prone to that. But if it’s just that they’re poor performers (because they of course sit right there with CJ’s on one side and Juliet’s on the other, so I don’t imagine it’s location) then I’ll have to ponder going all Lizzy Borden on them like Drew says…


Wouldn"t it be great if they pushed from there?


Happy my 3rd leaf CJ will produce for the first time this year, and looks to be a pretty good crop. My 3rd leaf CP however (same size) had nary a bloom on it.


And that’s my thing too, it seems like there are more and more reports like this to where it’s becoming kind of a pattern. I do need to remind myself to be patient, that not all things will go as easy as the CJ’s… So, I’ll keep waiting while being “Cautiously Optimistic”

I seriously cannot complain about the overall growth rate. In ground in '14 to where they are today right at 4 years later. But that said, I didn’t plant them in hopes of having a lot of bush growth and no fruit… so I’ve given them notice - they’re both on probation!


Our Romeo (planted this year from Henry Fields) bloomed and my daughter pointed this out to me… Could we be watching a fruit mature here? There were a couple of tinier green “fruits”- not sure if it’s just the ovary of the flower swelling? I have poor recall on fertilization/ fruit info

even though I’ve tried to read about it a few times!


Yeahh that’s a fruit.


Great, I will steal that. Thank you!!:grin:


Some bushes when trimmed back a little bit will grow lots of flowers on the new growth. Like my hibiscus I have in a pot. I wonder if it would work on these to grow fruiting buds? Maybe experiment with a couple branches and see how it affects it by fall.


If you look on this website, they are having problems getting CP to fruit also…
These were planted in 2007 and still arent producing. I think its a good guess they rarely will…


Well after reading the link TheDerek put up, it doesn’t appear that I have much to lose. :slight_smile:

Wow, that was a rather “wind out of my sails” moment post view… Pretty happy I have 5 CJ’s and only 2 CP’s instead of vice versa. Dang!


It appears Crimson Passion should have never been released. Looking around various web sites Juliet is said to have moderate production, Romeo has good production. It seems the sweeter berries have low production. I may need to add a Romeo!

I’m starting to think to just stick with Carmine Jewel, it at least should be the first one to try.

OK at U of S website they say in 2009 Juliet was the most productive cultivar! Dolt! Very cool! Good, i really don’t want to add anymore. Vigor is moderate not production. Which also seems wrong looking at those giant plants we all got!


Maybe if we all scream @ UoS loudly enough, they will issue a recall and refund our money! (hehe)


I havent had any winterkill on my CP btw, and they are keeping right up with my CJ as far as growth goes, just a little less wide/bushy than CJ.


Crimson Passion…The Bella Gold of the bush cherry world!


I think @BobVance had a Crimson Passion he was getting some fruit from… although if I’m remembering that wrong Bob I apologize. If my memory is right he had a seven foot tall bush and was getting some cherries, but not as many as he had hoped for. I’m not sure he was happy with the flavor, but that might have been an issue of harvest timing to beat the birds. Sorry if I’ve imagined it all Bob, but if not let us know your thoughts on CP.

I have 2 that are the same size as 5 CJ bushes and while my CJ have some fruit for the first time this year, the CP had nary a flower.


Well, don’t like to hear about CP’s poor performance, I just planted one last month, along with a Romeo and Juliet. Both of those are doing great, but the CP has just sprouted a few leaves and hasn’t done much else. But, to be fair, the R & J plants were much bigger to begin with, while the CP was basically just an 8in twig with some buds on it. So, we’ll see in time, I guess.


Right - LOL, they release this stinker, but we can’t get Cupid or Valentine. Maybe it’s just as well…

I’m stopping with the CJ, CP & Juliet. I know Don had pix of his Juliet in another thread with what looked like a real nice fruit load. So if in the end I wind up with only the CJ’s & Juliet’s making cherries I’ll still be very happy.

Yet if no one is having success with CP, then it does begin to seem like as customers we’re part of the feasibility test on U of S bush cherries - at a pretty penny to us…


Ill post updates on my CP grafts in a few weeks. Maybe we should come up with a new nickname for it, my vote goes for “Crappy Production”… :wink:


And a sentence in the description: “For those of you who are tired of the endless picking and pitting that goes along with high producing varieties, we offer you Crappy Production - a bush that while requires the same care as your high producing varieties, will produce little if any fruit with the added bonus of less picking and less pitting”