My seedling apple


I figured I’d share a few pics (not great, sorry) of one of my wild apples. This tree was here when I bought the place in 2012, but was not fruiting. I caged it up, pruned, and trained it and it bore it’s first fruit in 2016. It was loaded that year, then much less so in '17, loaded again this year. I imagine I could reduce that biannual tendency via thinning, but haven’t attempted that as of yet.

The fruit is crisp, more sweet than tart, and juicy. I don’t know how it stores, but will find out this year. I picked a bucket of them today, gave them a wash and put them in the crisper. All of my trees had a single spraying of Imidan in June…that was it. In the future I hope to be more on the ball with timely sprayings. That said, this tree and the fruit is quite clean. I didn’t have to sort much to get nice looking fruit. Flyspeck was prevalent, but that never bothers me. Just wash it off and good to go.



That looks like one I’d like to try if you ever have any extra scionwood.


Not a problem. Let me know what kind of scion you’re looking for. I’ve given a few folks watersprouts off this tree, but I know some people don’t like using those for grafting.


SMSMITH, Well, if it’s a seedling…doesn’t matter to me where the dormant scionwood would come from.
I can private message you my info…but we are 3 months or more from dormant wood.
Thank you.


I’ve decided to name this seedling Smitty’s Seedling :sunglasses:

It is still holding fruit, but they are beginning to drop in the wind. I picked another 5 gallon bucket today after eating one fresh off the tree yesterday. They are still crisp, a bit sweeter, and incredibly juicy. As in juice running down your chin juicy. I will have to say they aren’t quite as crisp as they were 2 weeks ago. They’ve colored up a bit more. As I picked the bucketful I threw away any with obvious bug issues, bird pecks, deformities, etc. I’d say I tossed right around 10. They do have flyspeck, but that isn’t a major issue for us. I’ll wash 'em off in the sink and they’re good to go. Those that I picked 2 weeks ago and placed in the fridge are still as crisp as the day I put them in there. Comparatively, the Red Baron fruit I put in the fridge on the same day has already lost a fair amount of their crispy texture.