My Shui Mi Tao white peaches

I have waited four years for my twenty two white Chinese peaches that stayed on my tree this year. After never having rot before in my orchard, the heat was as high as the humidity. I lost all but three to nasty brown rot. I picked three of the white peaches early, kept them on the window sill to finish their ripening. Even thought the tree was entirely netted, birds still found a way to peck through the mesh. My husband and I sliced two in half this am, and enjoyed a ‘early white’ Shui Mi Tao’. They were not even worthy of a photo. You have patience, you wait so long for these treasures to set and something new seems to come along each summer. I hope we all have a better peach year next year. My 'Early Crawford’s are finally sizing up and getting some really great color, so that tree gets netted today. So far they have resisted rot. My ‘Elbertas’ are the size of softballs, but are still green and hard as rocks. Looks like the EC’s will be ready next week, along with the Bavay plums, Italian plums and Mirabelles. Big fruit week next week.


Mrs. G.,
I brought one “less” damaged peach in and left it on a counter to ripen. My husband saw it and uttered “That is the ugliest peach I have ever seen!”

I told him if he wanted to see ugly, I could showed him the whole tree.

I am not sure how much longer I want to grow peaches. This year is definitely not worth it.

I cannot wait to see the pictures of your plums.

Glad to hear you at least got something! I find a little bit is a lot better than striking out.

I have been going pretty minimal on the disease spray for my peaches, but after this year’s rotfest I am going to pick it up next year. I will be alternating between MFF and Indar.

Along with the spraying, variety choice is a big factor. The Oldmixon Free I am harvesting now have little rot on them, in spite of challenging weather. The really late European plums also seem better adapted for me since they are sugaring up in less hot weather. Golden Transparent Gage and Middleburg are in a completely different category relative to the earlier Euro plums, they are barely rotting by comparison. Shui Mi Tao is in the bad (but not horrible) rotter category.

Time to use ‘Indar’ Scott has some! I am on his list. It will help with rot next year. I love peaches! And yes, I have loads of plums this year, especially the Italian prune plums. I will be using my dehydrator this year for the first time.

You know I’m in on the Indar. After this summer my MFF and Indar will alternate for sure next year.

I wonder what fruit can Indar be used on? Many of my apples have more rot than last year. I also hope to have late peaches for the first time next year and I need to be prepared. The Olymic asian pear is also rotting badly.

Oh Scott, I am about to order a Korean Giant by the end of this month. Holy Cow everything I like likes to rot. I’m going to spray my peaches with Indar, unless Olpea chimes in and says do not do it. I only had rot on one Enterprise apple so far. All seem to be fine other than that. I even have a few Italian plums dropping now due to rot.

Indar is good for any fruit having brown rot. It is excellent for CAR and almost every other fungus mentioned repeatedly in this forum. Good for apples! Even ‘Mummy’ Berry.

Thanks for the report on your Shui Mi Tao. I wanted to order a honey peach for this upcoming season, but with the rot problems, I might have to rethink it.

Korean Giant seems to be bulletproof, all my KGs look perfect now. It is later and avoids the prime rot season for me. Its the early asian pears that have rot problems.

@SMC_zone6, all of the honey peaches love to rot. You will eventually need a rot spray plan if you want to grow one.

Indar can be used on all stone fruits, apples and blueberries.

Since both MFF and Indar are SI fungicides, it really won’t do much to to rotate the products. They have the same mode of action (although Indar is more effective at controlling most fungi).

I use Captan (for scab) early in the season and Indar later in the season. It did a pretty good job considering all the rain we received.

Thanks Olpea. My MFF had little effect on my brown rot this year, so I can give it a rest. I’ll replace it with my Indar. Thanks as always. Need some photos of your fabulous peaches!!!

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Good point, thanks. I had thought MFF was not an SI.

I am only going to be using Indar on my peaches and plums I expect. Sulphur in spring works well enough for me on all the apple diseases.

Thanks, Olpea for your advice. I do not need to buy MFF, then.

I am on Scott’s list for Indar distribuion. Thanks , Scott.

Hi, Could you please tell me where to buy Shui Mi Tao white peach tree?
Thank You

The Arboreum Company is one of the few places I seen them advertised.They are out of stock now though. Brady

We had a very wet May and June, and my White Gold cherries split wide open. But I had applied Indar, and none of them rotted on the tree

I approve of Indar

Gonna go spray the cots and nect tomorrow