My small fruit tree orchard



Hedychium gardnerianum flowers… :heart_eyes:


Cucumis anguria (Maxixe) and Cyclanthera pedata (Maxixe do Reino, Pepino do Vento) :yum:


Some fruit harvest… :grinning:

Pingo de mel figs

Saturn peach


Azores yam (Colocasia esculenta)

Purple dioscorea alata sprouting more pups

Mangarito (Xanthosoma sagittifolium ?)


My lotus flower seeds sprouting! :heart_eyes:


Did you follow that Video instructions to start your lotus seeds?



Yes i did. First i scratch the bottom of the seeds and put them on warm whater with a bit of vinager. Some hours then i cleaned the seeds from the dark skin. I put clean whater with vinager several times. All the time they got on full sun.