My small fruit tree orchard


Hi! It is possible that my asian pear is one Drippin Honey? I saw pics from another user and they are very similar, just like mine! :sweat_smile:


More harvested fruit… :yum:

Rocha pear

Some apples

Red Flesh Baya Marisa apple


My first pepino melon… 410g! :yum:



My tamarillos are at that stage but my tree is small and only has 2 of them ahah…
Lots of fires in this area Luis, are u safe in yours?


LOL. Yes for now no fire active…


Reineta apples :blush:


My first pepino melon… 410g!

It tastes great! Like a mild cantaloupe melon! I love it!


Apistar apple


My first sunflower pawpaw fruit… i know it’s very small but i’m happy! It was stinky and sweet but not too much. I didn’t identify any particular flavour on this first fruit. :slight_smile: