My small fruit tree orchard


Yellow araçá…


Juá-açu (Solanum robustum) flowers…


Bacon avocado tree and fruits…


For those that don’t know this fruit…


Ora pro nobis (Pereskia aculeata) :yum:

Okinawa spinach (Gynura crepioides)


Myagawa satsuma citrus


Ora pro nobis leaves are a real superfood! And they are delicious… i eat them raw or cooked!

Even bread…


Another one… :blush:


Caigua pods (Cyclanthera pedata)… :blush:


Passiflora quadrangularis is soo cool… this is a must to have! :star_struck:



Our persimmon production is finnishing but our next year persimmon’s liquor is starting! :yum:


My olives harvest today… tomorrow will continue! :sweat_smile:


Finally it’s over! My olive’s harvest was 221Kg and should give 15L of olive oil!
Not much but i don’t have much olive trees… :blush:


How many trees do you have? I made about 5 L of olive oil this season, but I didn’t use any machinery (except a meat grinder and a mixer), so with real equipment the output probably would be greater. Also, made 10 1-gal jars of cured olives. I processed my olives earlier, started with Leccino in early September and finished with Itrano in early November.


I have arround 30 trees, but 10 old ones that 95% of production. My harvest was all manual but we have a lot of small factories available to extract the olive oil.


I have 25 olive trees but most are still very young. The oldest have been planted in 2014 and youngest in 2017. Five of the trees are oil varieties (Frantoio, Maurino, Leccino, Pendolino, and Coratina) and the rest are table varieties but I use some of their harvest for oil as well. The closest of the places that extract olive oil is about 90 minutes drive from me and the cost for extraction is more than the price of Spanish olive oil in a supermarket.


My bigest olive tree have at least 1000 year’s old and my grandfather have one of 2000 year’s old… it’s a monster! :smiley:


Some XXL feijoas… biger than some guavas! :yum:


My new phalenopsis orchid… :blush: