My small fruit tree orchard


Thank’s! I learn a lot here too… i like to grow exotic fruits and vegetables besides the usual ones. This one is very interesting because it can be used raw on salads, on tea and cooked with meat or soups and is very healthy! :yum:


I just read its wikipedia article and it sounds very versatile and the recipe with the meat looks delicious.


I have to try it on meat rools… :yum:
Did you try the tea?


No, I haven’t used this plant to make tea. However, it is also good for adding flavor and aroma to salads! Grilling the meat rolls or putting them into the oven really brings out the aroma and flavor of the leaves.


I imagine that… i like it just by eating and let it stay on mouth… this have some flavour of mint too…


Betel leaf or Piper sarmentosum
COMMON NAMES: betel pepper, wild pepper, kadok, la lot.


I just saw another one… will try to get this too… :sweat_smile:

Ipomoea aquatica

Water spinach, KangKong


I just buy water spinach seeds… it seems easy to grow and fast to starting the harvest… i will report the result. :blush:


We cooked them on a regular basis with the Southeast Asia cuisines. I liked them.


I’m shure i will love it! It is very versatile and it’s impressive how nutritious it is… :yum:


Very popular green in Taiwan - my wife loves the stuff.


Thank’s! :+1:


I once bought a sweet indian treat in local Indian town here in Chicago. The fresh leaf they used to put mixed nuts, spices etc on looks like the one in the video. I recall it has very strong flavor/aroma. It takes a while for one to get use to it. I’m not sure if that was the same type of plant they used but looked very much alike


Pawpaw fruits


How’d the Sete Capote fruits taste? I had to step back from collecting Myrtacea, half my trees are in that family, and there’s still so many to collect.


Hello my friend, how are you? I like them very much. They taste like araçá + pineapple, but the seeds are very soft like feijoa. I bite the skin and suck the pulp. :blush:


My piper sarmentosum plants

Piper nigrum plant starting to sprout

Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum)


I just got one Red Ivory mango! Lets see if it can stand our climate. I will plant her on a very sheltered spot… :star_struck:


You get some unique selection there. I’m in a warmer climate and struggling to get a mango established :slight_smile:


Hi! Well for now i just got one Haden seedling growing well. I will try this Red ivory on a very sheltered place and on a bit less sheltered one Glenn. Lets see if i have lucky! :blush: