My small fruit tree orchard


Camoesa apple :yum:


Porta da loja apple, very sweet and prefered by people…


Very sweet and also disease resistance I’ve been trying to collect.
Along with my red-fleshed collection.


I’m starting my apple tree collection… i’m getting crazy by them! I will try to get them on local tree market.
There are soo many interesting apples here, but major people don’t consume or know his existence… that’s very sad. I will try to get some of them and good foreign ones too…
Just some Portuguese variety apples: Camoesa Rosa, Canavial, Casa Nova de Alcobaça, Costa, Espelho, Gigante do Douro, Malápios (several), Durázio, Tromba de Boi, Pardo Lindo, Pêro Pipo, Pêro Rei, Pipo de Basto, Porta da Loja, Riscadinha de Palmela, Verdeal, Maçã de Inverno, S. João, Pé Curto, Maçã Castanha, Casca de Carvalho, Gronho Doce, Azeda Grande…


What varieties are commonly consumed there? Apples are like the last fruit in the USA (although its getting much more common) that are sold by their variety, but most people only know of say 5-10 kinds from the grocery store. At my local grocer they get crazy amounts of variety but its only from august until december.

You will have to send us photos and tell us how your rare portugese apples taste!


Of course when i have them i will do it… for now just those videos above. But it’s impressive how many diferent apple varieties exist without people knowing it. Maby they just know golden, starking and grany smith. The only local variety that general public know is Bravo de Esmolfe.


I just buy some apple trees… :heart_eyes:

King David
Oxford Black
Arkansas Black
Pink Cripps
Hidden Rose
Pink Pearl


Beallara Tahoma Glacier orchid :star_struck:


Some red roses… :smile:






Banana trees update


Dwarf Orinoco 1





Dwarf Namwah

Dwarf Orinoco 2



More agapanthus pics :blush:


I just got the rare “Purple Bliss” finger lime! :heart_eyes:


Where do I get one in France?


Hi! In France i don’t know, i buyed mine on ebay from Thailand.
PM sent


Mutingia calabura var. yellow fruit (Panama berry, Jamaican cherry)