My small fruit tree orchard


Luis you need to send us photos of your finished finger limes! Hard to say but close to my favorite citrus? they are absolutely amazing and make such a good addition to salads, meats, everything just unlimited uses. I have only tried the white, green and red kinds! I thought these were a hard zone 10 from the northern tip of australia? Are you planting them near stone or going to cover?


Is there much difference in flavor between them?bb


@Bradybb Yeah, they are all good but the red is more tart, people say its got a berry flavour and im not sure about that but its good and unique. The Green kind has a almost key lime flavour and is my favorite but probably the most acidic. The white one is maybe the green variety not as ripe or in a different stage or grown somewhere else cuz the outside pods look similar but its more sweet and less acidic and probably the kind i like the least? and i just buy these at the local grocery store here so i am not sure what the plants look like. They are a early citrus thats always good and are from mexico and california usually for me.


Hi! I post my finger lime pics many times, but ok I will post my tree today.


My fausterime finger lime


Just bought a Red Center Lime and a Crimson Tide finger lime too… :smiley:


Another one, just buyed one Little Ruby finger lime… :blush:


Luis is trying to force us all into creating sub tropical microclimates with holes or greenhouses in our yards guys!


I’m terrible… just saying! :laughing:



Purple Bliss finger lime


First passiflora edulis flower of the year…


Was that tree sent to you from which grower? I want one! Thanks


PM sent


3 new pups on Dajiao banana tree


Bacon avocado fruiting very well this year


Buddha’s hand lemon tree with many fruits


Will they turn yellow?


Hi! Yes they will. They are dark green when they are growing and bright yellow when matured.


Finally my new pandan plants arrived! :smile: