My small fruit tree orchard


I just got one Golden Honey Pomelo tree… :star_struck:


My Golden Honey Pomelo tree



I just got a variegated dekopon… i think i’m getting krazy! :upside_down_face:


Red Love Odysso apple… I pick her too soon to show her to one familiar. Still too acid.


Some ornamental plants

Canna indica

Colocasia esculenta


That leaf is gorgeous! Is this a genetic thing for this plant or does it want magnesium?


Hi! No, this variety is like this… there are very beautifull ornamental colocasia varieties! :smile:


Rocha pear and reineta parda apple harvest

Reineta parda apple tree


Purple and golden pepino melon


Citrus limetta pursha

Videos about limetta pursha


My first pawpaw of the year! :yum:


Blood peach :yum:

Physalis, blackberry and golden pepino melon


Wow, your fruit and plants look beautiful!
May I ask if you wait until the physalis falls down or are they already ripe when the husk dries out?
I have a Pysalis for the first time this year and I read both methods as advice, so I figured, actual advice from another grower would be worth more than a blog post.


Hi! Thank you very much for your kind words!
Yes you can do by both ways, let it dry out or pick it still yellow husk. If the fruit is totally yellow it’s good to pick, but you can let them turn to orange. Great on both ways… :yum:


Thank you very much, Luis. Sounds like this fruit is quite idiot proof (as long as I don’t pick green!)
I like it!


LOL! Yes it’s just like that! :rofl:


More pawpaws!

Yummy! Delicious! :yum:


Camellia sinensis flowers :blush:


Some hazelnuts…