My small fruit tree orchard


Really? We are talking about pysalis not tomatillo… are you shure?


No maybe i gave bad advice?? I thought all ground cherries were edible at any point if cooked?

I thought this is what “pineapple tomatillos” are


Humm i don’t think so… phisalis is Physalis peruviana and tomatillo is Physalis philadelphica and Physalis ixocarpa…


Well i am going to do what the rest of us need to do with this year and hit delete :grinning:


This is my pineapple tomatillo at dusk

small yellow Pineapple tomatillos in the box with regular tomatillos as the large greenish yellow ones the pineapples are much smaller when ripe.


Well I can’t say if that’s our physalis. I know there are some sub-species and varieties so…
But if you eat it green and it’s not bad for you ok… :+1:


Great fruit cake that my wife made… Yummy! :yum:


I roast them green and do not want to poison anyone. This is what is sold as pineapple tomatillo in the USA

That looks amazing, your wife has some skills!

I have the ear of a wine importer and I really love your vinho verde wine. Do you have varieties you think we should try? I am more of a white wine guy but open to all.


You make me a difficult question. I have table and wine vines. But I don’t make wine. We eat them or make juice. All my varieties are very good, but I don’t know how they will adapt to your environment.

My table varieties:
Dona Maria
Moscatel Graúdo
Alphonse Lavalle
Pizutello Nero
Don Mariano
Red Glob


Wine red varieties:
Touriga Nacional
Touriga Franca
Cabernet Sauvignon
Alicante Bouchet


I have 28 table grape plants and 58 red wine grape plants.
In total 86 plants, but i want to plant more varieties of both.


I just received one Sugar Apple Pet Pak Chong tree, one Longan tree and one Ambarella Spondias Dulcis tree… :star_struck:


3 fausterime finger limes

Purple passionfruit flowers


So far my favorite of your portuguese wine is Famega Vinho Verde.

Im impressed by everything you grow! Do you bring any of these tropicals inside for winter or cover them for light freezes?


Thank you very much my friend!
I don’t know that wine mark but i like vinho verde very much, specialy with fish or sea food. Red vinho verde is very good too. All our wine regions have fabulous wine choices! Even the less known.

The small pot plants i bring inside but the major part i let them outside on more sheltered places to let them to adapt.


I’m soo lucky guy, i buyed 1 variegated dekopon tree and today received 2 variegated dekopon trees!!! :star_struck:

Tomorrow i will post pics…


Gorreana tea plantation in São Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal. This is the only tea plantation in Europe…


Clematis Comtesse de Bouchaud :heart_eyes:


Clematis multi pink :heart_eyes:


My two variegated dekopon trees :heart_eyes: