My small fruit tree orchard


Can you eat that budda hand lemon?


Yes you can. They are boiled for hours to soften them then sugar is added so they are transparent and very sweet. They are then cooled. Cut up into small pieces and eaten as is or added to a fruitcake. Most typical way to eat them.


You can make buddacello too and tea… :blush:


I nead to ID this banana tree variety. Please any one can help me? Thank’s!





These are fabulous! I had my first taste of them at a fancy restaurant last weekend. My new tree arrived and is planted. It has the tiniest flower blossoms i have ever seen. I cannot wait to grow my own and eat them! So tangy and zesty, Amazingly powerful flavor. And pretty too!


WOW! Your finger lime already with flower buds it’s really great! Congratulations! You will have your first finger limes in few months! :+1:


Some nashi pears


Sete capotes




Where did you buy Sete Capotes Luís?


I buyed my tree on Horto das Frutas Raras in Braga. They have very rare stuff… on that time they distribute on all country but now i don’t know… but you can buy there.


Is the flavor like Lemon Guava?bb


Hi. No it’s more like pineapple, less sweet but very refreshing. I like it a lot.


And the interesting thing about this species is that she is always in flower even with fruits


I heard about that place in Braga. I was supposed to go to viveiros do Lima this year to get a few more plants but I think it’s closed


You can try to order by phone or online… maby they are closed just the nursery.



Is that an “Indian Blood” peach?



Hi! I don’t know, here we call it sanguineo peach, the traduction is like sanguinello peach.