My small fruit tree orchard


The Alpha storm here continues… very nasty! Some trees down…


Hedychium greenii :heart_eyes:


Big pepino melon 400 g :yum:


I just got one Surprize apple tree… they look super! :star_struck:


Another pic of hedychium greenii :heart_eyes:


I thought I was on Avalon this morning… :blush:


Jujube season starting… :yum:


Pawpaws continues to fall…


Lots of sete capotes


And again i’m very lucky, i buyed 1 Tubtim Siam pomelo tree and today received 2 trees!!! Tomorrow i will post photos… :smile:


Two Tubtim Siam pomelo trees :blush:


Clematis Nelly Moser :heart_eyes:


I just got several apple trees, rubinette, rubinette red, pinova, kids orange red, red falstaff and surprize.



More orchids… :heart_eyes:


That purple one is on :fire:

Do you rotate all your orchids in and out? Or just get some right before they pop


Thanks! This house orchids are always inside… Some times we let them get light rain.


Is it zizphus mauritiana? If so does it taste similar to jujube?
And the psidium, is it just random seedling? Cause the fruit has decent size. I am looking for one like that. I saw some big fruited variety in Hawaii but not sure if I want to spend 70$ if there is a chance that it won’t survive the long trip.


Hi! No, it’s the chinese jujube.
Regarding the araças there are several varieties there but the biggest fruit is araça do campo, psidium longipetiolatum. It’s very rare.

I will take pics to my tree, it’s loaded!


I see, just saw it’s so green so I was wondering. I will look into it but it looks like it’s very vigorous, nothing for my green house. Thanks Luis