My small fruit tree orchard


Batalha Monastery in the area where i live


My araça do campo tree, psidium longipetiolatum


Red love odysso apples, very sweet, a bit tangy and crunchy… Love them! :yum:


Wow Luis, your araca do campo is beautiful and big.
One question, I have yellow araca, red araca and purple araca also. Is the purple araca the same as araca do campo??


Hello my friend, how are you?
No it’s not. Araçá do campo is the psidium longipetiolatum species. It’s very rare and it’s an endangered species in Brazil.


Cool. Where did you get it from? The nursery in Braga? And how old is it?


No, i got it from a friend that is a rare fruit tree collector maby 7 years ago.


When I looked for more information,some sources point to araça do campo,as being the yellow skinned Guava and the psidium longipetiolatum,as araca vermelho,like yours pictured,with red. bb


The araçá varieties always have several names… i adopt this one because it seems it’s the most acurate.


End of Summer flowers… :heart_eyes:


A lot of fruit… :yum:


Everything is looking great @Luisport lots of great pics of some great flowers, plants and fruit :+1:


Thank you very much my friend! I do my best, but a lot of work to do… :+1:


Another red love odysso… they are sooo good! :yum:


My rubinette and pinova apple trees just arrived! They are great trees!
Tomorrow i will post pics… :blush:


I just got a kiwi wonder plant! It’s a rare variety… :star_struck:


This red kiwi taste really good


Hi! Yes i already try them, they taste like honey! :yum:


Is it the Hongyang Luis? I got that variety twice from a friend but always failed to root/graft it. I hope I can buy a plant this year


Hello my friend. I don’t know because there are some confusion with variety names and trade marks… there are very few places where they are selled and they disapear very fast. Good luck! :+1: