My sprayer died. I need a new one. I have 25 trees. Please help

Hello Everyone,
I have a northstar tow behind high pressure tree sprayer which I am declaring dead as of now. This thing has been a real piece of junk for me so I am looking to buy a new sprayer. it is only 1 1/2 years old. Last year the pump died and I had a hard time getting them to warranty it. Today the pump died again and also the gun is leaking bad
I did my early season spray today with my hand pump backpack sprayer and that was enough for the season. I need a real sprayer.
Any recommendations?

I use a 5 gallon Rocket Sprayer that’s battery operated and is on two wheels
kind of like a golf cart. I’ve had it for 9 years and it’s never let me down. I spray
35 trees and 50 rose bushes with it. I’ve replaced the pump once to a larger
version and put a 50 ft. hose on it, and of course new batteries. I still use the original wand. It’s built like a tank, and if it ever got stolen, I’d buy another one.

Man that’s bad news. I’d taken the advice of MES111 and ordered in a North Star sprayer with the 200 psi, etc. I’ve used it a few times and it is just awesome. Everything MES111 said it would be. But it’s early… (guess I better check to be sure I filled out the warranty/registration paperwork)

Mine is working like a charm.

I just make sure that I rinse it out after each use. I drain any residue and rinse it out. Then I add 3-4 gallons of fresh water with a very healthy squirt of dishwashing liquid and run it to empty and rinse and drain the inside.


Mine worked great too when it was working. I cleaned the tank each time also.

If the sprayer is exposed to freezing conditions, it helps to run some RV antifreeze through it at the end of the year.

I just got off the phone with Northstar. They are sending me a new pump and gun. He also suggested using RV Antifreeze. I did not say anything in the manual suggesting that winterizing was necessary.


The blue -20F windshield washer will do the same thing, and it’s a lot cheaper.



Do you winterize your airblast with windshield wiper fluid?


In the past I’ve winterized it w/ RV antifreeze, but a friend of mine winterizes his w/ windshield washer fluid. That’s what I plan to do. It’s about 1/3 the cost.

I just purchased a gas powered 30 gallon sprayer, used, for $100. It has a small boom that I can use when I need to apply herbicides, and also a hose to attach to a spray gun. I’d look to see what there is around you on craigslist. If there is a problem with a gas motor, it’s MUCH easier to get it fixed.

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That’s a great tip Rally. I’ve purchased a 25 gal. sprayer on Craigslist, which works nifty for applying herbicides.

One thing you hinted at is that it’s best to use a different sprayer for herbicides than those to spray the trees.

Herbicide sprayers can be cleaned out, but sometimes it can be tough to remove/neutralize every little bit of spray residue in the tank.

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This is my potential problem. I’ve only use it a few times with 2-4 D, and most likely I’ll be using it for only spraying insecticide/fungicides from now on. Do you think it’s worth the risk?

Are there any solid tank cleaners out there? I used baking soda, and dishsoap previously.

They sell a tank neutralizer at Tractor Supply that I have used, however I generally keep my sprayers separate.


I"ve not heard of baking soda as a tank cleaner, but I don’t doubt there may be recommendations for its use. Most recommendations I’ve seen involve a small amount of ammonia, or as ribs mentions, a tank neutralizer.

Either way, you should be able to get the tank clean to be able to start using it for insecticides/fungicides.


My next investment is a backpack sprayer for herbicides. I rarely use them for large area applications since I can usually just disk up the ground and then plant a fast growing crop.

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