My terrace almost finished

Hi all, its taken a year but here it is and my dog has the best seat of course! I am just waiting for two outdoor floor lamps and its done. My outdoor room is finished first. The rest will take another year. Have a look.


It’s looking good !
Just wondering, are you gonna put a trellis on the wall for the apple espalier? or are you not afraid your killer winds is gonna blow it over if it gets larger?

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Oscar, as you can tell by the wall, there once was a trellis there. It was in shreds when I moved in and I had the rest removed. the winds are not kind to that wall. I have white trellis left in two other places. But I don’t trust the winds or unfortunately weather any longer. I think I’ve done enough. At least it feels that way. There is also a built in barbeque on the far right and I don’t want wood close to it. Right now my extra bags of soil are in the bottom of it and tools on top. Cannot wait to grill in it! It is very old but works!

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now you mention it, i can see the grill.

Seems like an awesome spot to spend summer evenings !

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Come visit, soon we will be able to travel. I cannot wait. I want to spend time in other countries as well. And buy fruit!