Mycoshield for Sharing

Any one interested in sharing Mycoshield (oxytetracycline for protection against fire blight and bacterial spot) with me? I just ordered a 2 lbs package from Keystone. Send me a private message.

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Since there are active sources of disease here, it looks like I’d have to spray every 4 days for fireblight and every 7 days for bacterial spot. Alternately I could continue with my twice yearly copper hydroxide treatment.

I used to use copper octanoate, but the foliage suffers injury after every spray, not major but I feel it slows down the trees and possibly negatively affect fruit development, so I decided to try mycoshield this year. I would only spray it when disease conditions are prevalent, which happens 2-3 times a year.

Yes, copper octanoate is hard on plants.

One more call, any one interested in sharing Mycoshield? It is a solid (granules/powder), so should store well.