Myro rootstock gummosis

First things first: I don’t have a picture. I tried, but the issue at hand is quite close to the ground, and I’d have to remove the hardware cloth I have around the tree to take a good pic, and I’d rather not do that if it is possible to resolve this by a description.

I noticed my Myro rootstock on my apricot has some gummosis.

The area the sap is coming from–the best thing I can compare it to is almost when you cut a branch from a trunk but cut it flush from the tree. It is a circular/oval area, a bit sunken in. I see no blackness or anything that might look like disease (though that doesn’t mean it isn’t, of course.)

I thought perhaps borers, but did not see a hole, but nevertheless poked around a bit with a wire and still did not discover a hole. (It is in a bit of an awkward location, though, so it’s possible I missed something.)

The only other thing of relevance (perhaps) is that’s i only noticed it a few days after we had a bad storm where several inches were dumped on us. I couldn’t swear, though, that it wasn’t there before.

The tree itself looks great as of now, but I don’t want to let this go in case it’s an issue.

Oh, and I think it’s unlikely it was a mechanical injury (at least one caused by me.). The tree is surrounded with a foot of mulch (and hardware cloth) so I physically can’t get close enough with a weed eater or lawn mover to cause damage.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Or is this definitely one I’m going to need to take a picture of?

Unfortunately, it sounds like it might be canker. If it’s small you may try to remove the affected wood, disinfect the area with copper and protect it with parafilm until it’s covered with new growth next year. Sometimes a tree, if otherwise healthy and vigorous, is itself capable of isolating the infected area and does not allow the canker to spread further.