Mystery Fruit. From Florida

Hello fruit friends,Luckily I was recently. able. to visit the great Robert is Here store in the Everglades. I can’t. Over recommend it. I was overwhelmed from the wealth of unfamiliar produce, especially.fruits. I bought a tasty mild sweet custardy. Fruit that resembled.a Gusset potato. with pointed ends. Can anyone tell me what this might have been.
? Sorry no pics due to low battery. Many thanks, Carole

It could have been a sapodilla.


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I think you are right Tony. It does fit th e the description of the Sapodilla . I may try and grow one from seed. Thanks for your quick response.

Robert has the best mangos I’ve ever tasted and always perfectly ripe. I have bought Sapodillo there also.

We’re is he located. Do you have an address. Thanks cia

19200 SW 344 St. Homestead, FL 33034

Carole…your vigorous use of periods makes me think there is an issue with your keyboard.

Carole, I hope you went to the Fruit and Spice Park while you were in Homestead. If not, its worth another trip!!!


Thanks for the tip Kate. I will tell my friends who I had been visiting near Miami. It sounds like a great place to visit. I hope to see it sometime as I really enjoyed my visit to SE Florida.

Ill second the fruit and spice park as being amazing. We really enjoyed our time there.

Ok, gotta get there! Cannot wait to see it. thanks so much for the link.:blush:

Yes it is definitely amazing… I didn’t want to leave!
For those that haven’t gone, take one of the tours, the tour guides are really good and give out samples. I ate 4 kinds of bananas, pommelo, sugar cane, miracle fruit, eggfruit and monstera deliciosa, and that was in the off season! I hope to go to Mango Mania this year in mid June.

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