Nadia plum/cherryX pruning

Well I said no trees would be ordered this year but I kept reading about everyone buying this one so I broke down and ordered one. My question is how are we going to prune it? I figured just a regular open center but thought I better consult the gurus before it gets here and I hack it up. Thanks for any responses.

It’s on St Julian a plum rootstock, I’m pruning to open center. For cherries I use the KGB pruning method, but not here. Only on cherry rootstocks. Only sweets too.

I didn’t prune mine. I will leave them as they are. One is starting to bloom.

One think that I noted is the first three flowers had no pistil. Could this be due to being a hybrid?

I hope not else it will not fruit! If it really isn’t there my only thought is severe stress trying to recover from butchered roots, and having still to produce the next generation. It ran out of resources to produce them.