Nadia Sweet cherry x plum hybrid

Yes as fruitnut said, it’s a Japanese plum. I bought it because of all the high praise it gets from everyone. It may ripen too late in my area but I’ve heard it’s still pretty damn good even before peak ripeness and it’s said to hang on the tree for 6-8 weeks.

It’s the best plum I ever taste, I get from Sam club last summer, that why
I need to plant one. But if it is pluot won’t works out in Puget sound area.

Great, I am very happy to know. Thank you.

Vincent, most definitely a plum:

I am having fruit this year for the first time on my Emerald Beaut. I bought it based on many of our forum members’ great recommendations (especially fruitnut), and it’s a test tree in my walk & pick orchard, as it’s a “zone pusher” for me. All of my higher ch trees have set this year. Think it is a function of both adequate ch this winter, and maturity, although the Emerald Beaut is a year younger than just about everything else in that intensive orchard.

Patty S.

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I’m not sure my EB will set much fruit this year. My Flavor King, Flavor Supreme, neighbor’s unknown Plum, Santa Rosa, Emerald Drop, Splash and one more Pluot…all dropped petals by the time EB flowered profusely. What else can bloom along with it? I grafted Burgundy on it.

Freeze some pollens and hand pollinate with a small paint brush later when EB blooms.


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Beauty, Elephant Heart, Superior, Late Santa Rosa, and Shiro are all later blooming plums. Beauty may not be quite late enough, though. Geo Pride pluot is another option, as is Flavor Finale pluot (mine is just really hitting peak bloom now). Don’t think you have to worry about late crops as I don’t, and Flavor Finale pluot comes highly recommended, so it earned a spot in my walk & pick orchard.

Patty S.

Thank you so much Patty. I am happy if It’s a real plum
hopefully it will works well in my area. Could not find more
information about Emerald Beaut plum grown in Northwestern yet.

I’m in Redmond and endeavoring to grow Pluots.Last year a Flavor Grenade fruited and was as good as any others I’ve tasted from farmers markets,grown in Eastern Washington. Brady

I just had Flavor Grenade in my yard last month, Very good news from you Brad
Thank you so much to tell me what i am waiting for. Beside FG do you plant any more
Pluot trees? Brad.

I have a Flavor Supreme about three years,no fruit yet,maybe this time.Grafted to the tree,along with some Plums are Flavor King and Dapple Dandy,still young and waiting to fruit.
I also have a small greenhouse at work with two year Plums,Pluots and Nectarines in it,including Emerald Beaut. Brady

My Dapple Dandy bloomed first with Flavor Supreme this year. Flavor Grenade, Flavor King and Emerald beaut bloomed at the same time. Last year DD bloomed with EB. Emerald beaut sets very well here in central ca.

Mine tend to all bloom together. Even with this warm spring I’m a good three weeks from bloom. It’s so late all the trees have been waiting and they all go at once.

That’s strange. According to DWN, Flavor Finale’s bloom season is mid-season, and mid-season for pluots means earlier than most plums. All my J. plums finished blooming about two weeks ago, and you in So. Calif. should be a week or two ahead of me. Also, according to the patent info, Flavor Finale bloomed Feb. 26 to Mar. 6 in Modesto, CA in 2004. One possible explanation is that you have later than normal blooms on some varieties that did not get enough chill hours in your area (estimate for Flavor Finale is 500 c.h.). If that’s correct, your bloom times are quite skewed due to variation in chill hour requirements.

Stan, it has ALWAYS been a later bloomer for me. Don’t think it’s due to my variation in chill hours. My bloom times have actually been pretty consistent, even with my higher ch cultivars, and this isn’t one of them. FF I consider in my “sweet spot”. I have more ch than my neighbors. Our little micro-climate here has about 600 ch. I can go down the hill about 1 mile and be in 300 ch. I am at nearly 1,000 ft in elevation, and in a little valley. My “zone pushers” are 700-800 ch cultivars. And, this was an exceptional ch season for me - everything has set in massive amounts. I am going to have to spend days thinning, it is unbelievable. I feel like I’m in someone else’s yard, lol!

How do you think about Splash pluot ? In Sky nursery selling them a lot now. I try to find more information about this pluot Brad.

Sky Nursery is selling Splash?I’ve haven’t tried that one yet,but have heard good reports.I expect there will be more things like them available in this area in the future. Brady

For me in my greenhouse Splash has been very sweet but not that flavorful. It’s worth growing but not one of the best.

I might not try, because it bloom too early vs others pluot.

Thank you for letting me know I won’t think about it any more plus I have not much room for it. Fruitnut. What zoning you at?