Nadia Sweet cherry x plum hybrid


I like the flavor of Nadia over Very Cherry Plum. Very Cherry Plum tastes more like a sweeter Sweet Treat Pluerry to me. I bought some at Trader Joe’s last season, I am inclined to not buy any more. We all have our own unique taste preferences.


What time of the year do they start to sell it in the markets. I’ll look for it. Probably pretty soon.


Nadias and Sweet Treat Pluerry.


Big Nadia fruit:

Nadia cherryplum.

Brix 25.

Flavor: Like a sweet plum.

Juice: Very Juicy.


Small nadia fruit:

Brix: 26.

Flavor: Flavorless.

Comments: Over-ripe and mushy.


Now lets compare Sweet Treat Pluerry.

Brix: 27.

Flavor: Cherry-like flavors.

Juice: From a scale one to 10. I’ll give it an 8.

Comments: I loved it.


Looking at the size of the pluerries, I think I’ll stick to the real deal, and just buy sweet cherry trees.Although I have 2 already that produce enough for me. The novelty of the inter-specific fruit is wearing off. Especially when most are made for commercial growers.So you hear about them, but can’t grow them legally. Seems Zaiger is all about the money.

“When you don’t understand something, look at the bottom line” - Frank Zappa


I tasted another Nadia today.

Brix: 25.

It was very juicy and sweet.


But @itheweatherman, many fruit are juicy and sweet. The question is, did it have any taste of a cherry, or have any non-plum uniqueness?


Its flavor is more like a pluot than a plum.


No cherry detected, huh?


No, but I liked its texture.


If it over ripens slightly, it becomes very watery and gushy, not a very good texture for eating fresh. I just made some Nadia jam. It has a tangy fruity-plum flavor, very little if any cherry flavor. The watery ones can be salvaged and made into jam, sort of like making lemonade out of lemons. The jam needs to set over night, it will be opened tomorrow.


Nuts. This is starting to feel like lipstick on a pig.


I agree with the comments about texture if Nadia gets over ripe. Too mushy for my taste. I prefer a meaty type plum/pluot.


Mush…no cherry…ugh… turd city. Oh well…


Haha. Time to start top working :slight_smile:


I tasted my last two Nadias today.

Brix: 27.

Comments: Over-ripe.

Second one:
Brix: 27.

Comments: Over-ripe.


I have 15 left.


Your trees look like they set a good amount of fruit,even the young ones.Do a lot of bees work them? Brady