NAFEX meeting 2018

I’m sure those of you who follow this kind of thing are aware of this but in case anyone missed it in your email read on

From: Jerry Lehman
Date: Sat, Jun 23, 2018 at 2:54 PM
Subject: annual NAFEX 2018 meeting announcement
To: nnga

Dear NAFEX member,

Many of you have not seen the announcement for the annual 2018 NAFEX
meeting. This year it is a combined conference with the Chicago Fruit
Explorers group (MidFEX) and the Savanna Institute. Hopefully it is not
too late for some of you to make plans to attend. This meeting promises
to be educational as well as the opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of
fellow fruit growers.

Attached is the conference flyer with complete details and registration
form. We are still adding speakers and your presentation is welcome,
again see the flyer for details.


Jerry Lehman, Registrar

Fruits of the Heartland 6-23.pdf (162.8 KB)