NAFEX Virtual Conf 2023 Nov 9-11

Membership to NAFEX is $19 for the year and includes taped and live versions of the conference, newsletters, and virtual interest group meetings, among others.

I’ve enjoyed several of each and thought you might, too. I’m sharing of my own accord.

Conference sessions will include:

  • Integrating Tree Vegetables and Perennial Staple Crops into the Orchard with Eric Toensmeier, author of The Carbon Farming Solution and co-author of Edible Forest Gardens;
  • Apples Around the World with Gayle Volk, USDA, and Derek Mills of Hocking Hills Orchard;
  • The Business of Growing Fruit – Part 1: U-Pick
  • Orchards, Fruit CSAs, and Value Added Products with Tom Wall & Kathy Dice, Redfern Farm; John Bunker, Out on a Limb Apples CSA; and Meg & Anthony Gossett, Ferm Fresh Kombucha;
  • The Business of Growing Fruit – Part 2: Nurseries, Farmers Markets/Events, and Educating Fruit Growers with Michael McConkey, Edible Landscaping; Larry Stephenson, Southern Cultured Orchards and Nursery; and Susan Poizner,;
  • Restoration Agriculture and Low-Input Orchards with Mark Shepard, Author of Restoration Agriculture: Real-World Permaculture for Farmers;
  • All About Hybrid Persimmons with Timothy Lane of Ockoo MicroFarm in Massachusetts;
  • Fruit Growers Show & Tell and NAFEX Annual Meeting led by NAFEX president Kris Klueg Heeter; and
  • Keynote: Healthy Fruit from Healthy Soil - Understanding the Soil Food Web with Dr. Elaine Ingham, Dr. Elaine’s Soil Food Web School.


Thanks for sharing this. It’s going to be a great three days. Plus all of the sessions are recorded for later viewing by NAFEX members if they can’t participate in real time. It’s easy to join at No registration required. Members will get the ZOOM links via email automatically each day. You can also. listen in by phone if you don’t use ZOOM.


Kris Heeter has been doing a great job.


I joined NAFEX this year with a three year membership (the longest offered). The organization has been putting together wonderful sounding programs and offers a library of previous POMONA releases well before I was born. I am going to try to sit in on the conference, but will absolutely catch up on sessions I miss later. Super excited for this and we have at least one member of the forum presenting.