Name or part# for that cutter people recommended for grafting

I am talking about the “scissors”/pruner type cutter that takes a box cutter replaceable blade, and has a flat perpendicular edge on the other leg that the blade goes into.

I can’t seem to find that thread right now, but there were several pics of these types of cutters, and people mentioned that Craftsman made one, and Lowes and maybe Home Despot carried them too.

Well I am looking for one, and went to HD last night and they had no clue if they had anything like this. I’ve called the local Lowes and got the same answer.

If anyone knows the common name for these cutters, or a part number or the like that would be most helpful.

I think this is it.

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The ones I bought from Lowes are Kobalt Triple Cut.They were probably less than $10.
Idahomeboy posted a video about them on What’s happening today 2016?,about 10 days ago. Brady

I got that Craftsman one based on someone’s recommendation here and it works well.

I tried to get the Kobalt ones that Brady recommends at Lowes, because they looked smaller and lighter in the photo. My local store didn’t carry them so I ordered them online, but they only came in a 2 pack (one large, one small). They work well too but they are actually bigger and heavier than the Craftsman so I’ve been doing all my practicing with them instead.

Thanks. With that name, I was able to find them, well sort of.

Turns out Lowes no longer carries them, can’t even order them in. Sears only does them via a special order. Ebay still has them available and with free shipping that is pretty fast. So I ordered some from there. We’ll see…