Name this flower, please

A friend posted this flower. She does not know the name. The tree can be grown in a tropic country.



Probably Camilla Sinensis

You will find plenty of info here as there are quite a few of us growing it. It is the plant that tea comes from.

I think I will name that particular flower Jim. It looks like a Jim.



Thanks, Chills. I think it may be camellia japonica more than sinensis. However, I don’t know anything about it until you pointed it out.

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I’m leaning more toward C.sinensis, as well - though C.oleifera is a possibility… nice seedpod evident in the photo below the flower.


@Chills and @Lucky_P,
Thank you very much for your help.

A friend in Thailand posted the pics in our group chat and called it a “Sunny-side up egg flower”. She did not know the real name of it. I am not the only one in our group who feel that the name sounds quite awful for such a beautiful flower. That’s why I asked here figuring some of us here would know. You guys did.

Camellia is a lot better sounding name than an egg flower :grin:


I love all the bees in the background but those do not look like the SE Asian honeybees really?

Give Stewartia a try. There are a few species native to SE Asia…I don’t think this is the Japanese one (S. pseudocamellia), which is supposedly temperate.

Well, that was the name I was trying to recall but couldn’t, Stewartia.

Years ago, when I was looking to grow a flowering tree (before my fruit tree obsession), this was the tree I wanted but it was not cold hardy for my area (was 5b at the time).

Fittingly, Stewartia’s name is Stewartia pseudocamellia :grin:. Somehow, camellia is in the name.
Thanks for your input.

I had a Stewartia at my home in Newport, RI. It only had five petals, and the seed pods were pointy. Perhaps there is more than one variety of Stewartia (like mock orange?). Don’t know but my Stewartia flowers did not look like those, similar but not the same.

Mrs. G.,
There are two types stewartia, a Japanese and a Korean ones. Like you said all stewartia flowers I saw on line have five petals but my friend’s flower has multi petals.

I am leaning toward it being a type of camellias.

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Could be! My stewartia grew right outside of my bedroom window. The flowers are lovely but the tree is known for its bark. The bark is constantly peeling while it grows. The colors if the bark range from mole brown, to olive green to lavender. Just stunning. A very expensive tree! Worth it!

The owner of this flower did some research and said it is supposed to be
Camellia Yunnanensis. It is in a family of large leave camellia found in Yunnan (China) and Assam (India).

Her little bush.


Looks like a good match!