'named' Loquat seedlings - your opinions

Last month I purchased two 4ft Loquat trees (Vista White, Early Red) NOT realizing that they had been grown from seed. My mistake.
Does anyone have experience with the fruiting nature of loquat seedlings from named varieties? Do they have the same random variability as seedling apples and pears?


@ramv any thoughts?

Loquats from seed may have considerable similarity to the parent(s). Unlike apples.
There is a particular seedling tree in the California Bay Area that was grown from a seed from a fruit from China. Really spectacular fruit.

A lot of named varieties today came from very good tasting fruit from parent trees. I would highly encourage growing from seed if you have the time.


Thanks @ramv for reply. Good to know that variability is unlike apples. Should have started this venture sooner! Will be fun to see what happens with these 4ft purchased trees. (And then there’s the really, really long-term venture growing out seedlings from the International District loquat!) Based on your postings I’ll also look for Argelino and Kanko. This site is such a great resource.

I have been growing loquats from seed and waiting for fruits on my trees as well. I have 21 new seedling varieties that have fruited for me. Out of the 21 seedling trees, I found 14 to have very good to excellent tasting fruits. Since I also have most of the named varieties, my seedlings are from cross pollination of the named varieties. From my list of top 10 (best tasting) loquats, half of them are my seedling fruits. So yes, it does pay off to let your seedlings grow until it fruits. In my collection, the number 1 (best tasting) is one of my seedling fruit, has brix of 28. As for brix, any loquat that has brix of 16 is probably considered super sweet tasting by most people who eat them.