Nanking cherries


Are the nanking’s self pollinating? I have two bushes and only one send to have flower buds. Any hope?


I have seen this too, some bloom later than others, but they are still my first bloomers.


I believe they are not, but if you have two they should cross pollinate. Nankings are grown from seed and they are not all the same. I have thirty and one is consistently better producer than others


Here is my strange list of prunus blooms in order this year
prunus angustifolia wast first around the 1st week of Feb

Next was my pluots and pluerries on myrobalan that started about the 2nd week of feb

Nankings started about a week after those but again one waited until March and I have it flagged.

My myrobalan started blooming last week along with greengage & bonfire peach

The strangest of all is I have pluots grafted on nanking that have yet to bloom but are swelling now. If grafting on nanking can delay flowering in pluots that’s going to be wonderful for us in SC. I was going to graft Shiro on my mybroalan but now I think I’ll put it on a nanking and see what happens.


My first nanking was from Gurney’s called Sugar sweet but it was likely just a seedling nanking. Still It was the only one I had for about 3 years and I got fruit without another one around. That said I still had plum trees around so it may have been pollinated by a neighboring plum tree but with just 1 plant I did get fruit which is the reason I started more from seed. They are far from sugar sweet but are kind of tasty and the kids really like them. Most years the frost gets them so we don’t get fruit but when we do there is more fruit then foliage.


Mine is almost done blooming. I hand pollinated with Desert Delight Nectarine, Santa Rosa plum, and my proprietary Myrobalan x Japanese plum hybrid.

I wanted it to hybridize it with a sweet cherry but the cherries haven’t bloomed yet.


I’m still waiting on my sweet cherry to bloom also forgot about it. Will sweet cherry cross with nanking?


They will, but you need to perform embryo rescue before the fruit gets aborted.


Where do you buy your agar or do you grow them in something else when doing embryo rescue.


This is my most productive nanking bush. It grows lower than others and is loaded with blooms about a week after most nankings, the fruit is normal for a nanking.


Many are blooming here at my house. I lose some of these bushes from time to time though im not sure why.


Same here, they just wilt in spring or die over winter. I think it is partly because no one has isolated a good one and grafted it. The seedlings seem to vary quite a bit as you would expect.


Exactly @Derby42 it could also be our fluctuating temperatures that kills them.


For sure, I think something is odd about nankings though, I planted four about thirty years ago at moms and dads , two are still alive and two died many years ago. I planted twenty seedlings here and some do great and others grow well and die. Still some mysterious to solve I think


Same thing here exactly its a mystery. One day they look as gorgeous as these and next time you see them they are dead!


I lost one this year after flowering, it was looking great then as it just died


i had 5 at my old place, then the voles came and killed all of them just as they started to fruit.


How depressing, those little buggers. I have them here too. I took hardware cloth and wrapped trunks and branches on my bushes last fall. They got six of my fruit trees last year. They hang out under my bird feeder in the winter and bore tunnels up to eat the seed that falls.


Nanking are susceptible to monilinia. Maybe thats killing some of the plants. I had to cut out some dying limps but it didn’t kill the whole plant.


It’s not monilinia doing it here. There are no signs of anything they look good flower then die I’ve lost 3 out of the 20 something I have over the past 4 years. It may be voles, they tear my lily bulbs up so if they like nankings then I may have to rethink about using them as rootstocks.
Edited to add all the ones lost where seedlings. My sugar sweet is my oldest and still kicking.