Narcissus growing oddly

Did I plant these too deep, too late, or both?

These narcissus bulbs are just now breaking ground, and rather than the sheath reaching ground level, and then the leaves emerging, the leaves seem to have emerged from the sheath about three inches underground. I planted them where the top of the bulb was maybe 5” down. I didn’t realize it until I dug down next to one to check. I also didn’t plant until December 10, 2017. I’m in zone 7, central maryland.


Just go with the flow…if they don’t bloom this year, they proabably will in future years (unless you really did plant them too deep).

What BlueBerry said, except I think they’ll work their way to the top somehow over a winter or two. Just keep competition away from them. How these things manage to wiggle up I don’t know, unless it’s frost heave.

We don’t have narcissus yet but our crocuses are going wild and my garlic is up, so I’m feeling it.

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