Narrow Crotch Angles on Bushes

I have young Carmine Jewel bushes that have some hardened branches with narrow crotch angles. I applied a little downward pressure on one and looks like it would separate from the trunk. Should these branches be pruned out? I haven’t seen any recommendations for this in the maintenance guides for bush cherries I’ve read so far.

I have read that after they mature, one should thin them, so you’re doing it a little early. Angle though is not that much of a concern on these plants. If you must, do it at the start of a dry spell.

OK. I was originally thinking that bushes didn’t need as much shaping as trees. Then I started second guessing when I saw the narrow crotch angles. I wasn’t sure if it is big issue with fruiting bushes. I’ve assumed the laissez-faire approach before and regretted it later on.

Thanks for the input.

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You asked very good questions. I agree you have to be on top of everything else you will not get fruit.

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