Nativ Nurseries Review

Since they aren’t listed on Garden Watchdog, and since I’ve found very few reviews on the web, I thought I’d give a review here.

Has anyone else bought from them?

They primarily specialize in oak trees, but do offer several types of native fruits - pawpaw, American persimmon, plum, and a few others. They also have a section titled “Grafted Fruit Trees”, but that category is still blank. So, maybe they’ll be adding grafted fruit trees in the future. I expect the prices to be competitive.

I’ve purchased about 15 types of oak trees, and a couple of types of plum trees. The descriptions on the website indicate the trees to be 10+ inches. However, every tree that I’ve received has been much bigger than that. Two of the oak trees measured at 34 inches. The two Chickasaw plum trees were both well over 40 inches. The prices are very good. Most prices range from $3.69 - $8.69. Pawpaws and chestnuts are a little more. Roots were also excellent. They grow them in a small “root pruning” pot. They arrive without the pot, but the soil is still intact around the roots, and covered in moisture holding gel. If I recall correctly, I think shipping has always been $12 flat.

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with their trees. I’d compare them to Oikos Tree Crops. Prices are similar, but the Nativ Nurseries trees are much bigger with a better developed root system. But Oikos does have a much broader and diverse selection.