Necessary to coat these pruned nectarine stumps?

I pruned a bunch of branches on this Fantasia in the winter. This is the largest cut. Is it necessary to coat with some kind of sealant now?

No but you should cut it further back. A stump like that will always rot back and cause problems.
The cut should be flush with that ring/collar at the base. That’s where the tree can form callus and close the cut. I’m don’t know the exact terminology in english.


Should I re-cut them all down flush now? Or is that inviting fresh problems? They seem to have hardened up now, including the sap.

Yes now should be a good time

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Something like this , don’t leave a stub

No need to cover


Why is it not a good idea to wait until winter? The tree is in full bloom now: won’t it bleed out and be susceptible to infection?

Do it now so it has more time during the growing season to heal over. Cut it at an angle to allow water to run off. I think the risk for disease is equally as risky leaving it there.