Nectamonds: Nectarine x Almond hybrid

These are my latest fruit, my Nectamonds. They are a cross between Flavor Top Nectarine, pollen parent, x F1 Nonpareil Almond, seed parent.

One of the trees seems sterile, it produces flowers but no stigma. The second tree also produces 90% sterile flowers.


Interesting cross there. Is the goal a larger fruit with an edible nut? or just crossed to see if you could?

My goal is to create drought-resistant rootstocks.




It will be interesting to see how the fruit develops.

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It looks very almondy so far. Check out the Spanish Garnem and the French GF. They both do well with drought, and almond by itself is the most drought tolerant rootstock I have ever seen. In the very difficult arid areas, you just plant the seed in winter and forget it.

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Both trees produced fruit.

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