Nectarines suited for the North

I recently read @scottfsmith’s post about the 1904 fruit study, really enjoyed it. It has a few Nectarine varieties listed for district 2 which included Michigan. I’m not that much at all familiar with these types of trees. A neighbor a few houses down had some trees that were about 15 years old but never produced didly, I don’t know what varieties they were.

The varieties i’m looking for that don’t seem to exist anymore are…

Early Newington
Early Violet

I’m looking to see if I can get 1 of them and try to grow it.

Nectarines are a fruit that has made great breeding advances since 1904, and the old ones are generally inferior. Also many of them are lost. I would not use this guide too seriously for nectarines (or peaches) for that reason. There are a few older peaches that are still around that are probably worth growing.

I have grown both Early Violet and Stanwick. Early Violet (aka Hative Violette) is a very interesting fruit, its very small and very strongly flavored with something like orange rinds in the flavor. I lost it to borers unfortunately. It would be a great peach for preserves and I hope to get it back in my orchard at some point. Stanwick tastes great but it rotted badly for me, I would not recommend it. Both are hard to find.

All of that would make sense, like i said I’m not this type of fruit guy. I’m an apple kinda guy. :slight_smile:

Thanks Scott, appreciate the information!