Need extra time for planting

We are clearing some trees where the orchard will be. Some of the plant material is expected to arrive maybe a week or two before we are done, next week. Southeast Michigan. I’m familiar with heeling things in until able to plant or keeping roots moist in a cool area, but is there anything different for fruit trees and shrubs? Quince, apple, tart and sweet cherry, persimmon, medlar, currant (yes, I go the permit), grape, paw paw, peach. I can put the shrubs in pots outside, but anything different with the trees? Thank you!


If they’re dormant you can simply put the roots in damp sawdust or pine shavings, and keep them in a cool, dark place, like a basement.


Ok. Perfect thanks. Correct they will be bare root.

I plant a lot of things in used nursery pots. Then, I’ll plant them in the fall, or 3 years form now.


I’m shocked you are expecting an order this early…

I’m also in SE Michigan and I know from experience that my nursery orders will not likely arrive until at least the beginning of April (and usually after the 15th)


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I think they know it’s a warm winter…Burnt Ridge is shipping my order tomorrow…a week earlier than I expected. (Means I can get serious on apple grafting, I already did 15 to existing trees and rootstocks.)


I’m kind of shocked too. It’s Stark. Last year their berry order was super early as well. Called and they couldn’t change the date. Rocking a big ear infection currently so I haven’t called them yet to see if they can modify the ship date.

Could be. True. I mean I can definitely get the shovel in the ground no issue there.

I’d be happy if Burnt Ridge mailed my order a little earlier this year.

Some years I’ve waited until the third week of April before getting my order.

My soil is still wet, but I have been able to sink a trowel in it almost all winter (with the exception of about 2 weeks in Feb).