Need help identifying what is on my peaches

Hi everyone, like the title says I need some help identifying what gotten in to my peaches and what to do to avoid this in the future, below are some pics so you can have a better idea. Thanks

Take them out alive and let them move. Ones that crawl away, are likely to be Oriental Fruit moths. If they have no legs and just roll around, they should be a plum curculio worm. You could have both, sometimes, in the same fruit.

There could have been other worms but these two are the most common pests of peaches.

Thanks mamuang :pray:t3:,
I’ll have to go get another ones since I smashed those and I’ll report back.

Let them grow bigger.

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Reporting back but I still not sure what are they. It looks like they don’t have legs but they can crawl away.
Any ideas which one could be? Thanks