Need some advice with grape vines coming

Need some advice. I have lots of grape vines coming in 1st week of may. Problem. I’m installing draining tile but the crew doing it can’t until my permit clears. Vines are coming bare root. How to I keep them alive until I plant, end of May?

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Just simply dig them in in a partial shade area giving them only a hour or so of sun. If they are dormant even less sun until you can plant them, most important is keeping them well drained but hydrated until you can plant
Kent, wa

As long as you get them in soil you should be good. It can literally be able to put them in a tiny pot if the roots are small enough. Some people myself included grow in a pot for years if the pot is big enough

TV Munson Memorial Vineyard
Wrapped the dormant Cuttings in damp newspapers.
Might be a good hold for the Grapes
keep them in a cool shady place.