Need some help on tree id

This sprouted years ago. Maybe 15 feet now. I just left it for some shade (south facing). I thought it was an almond because i assumed it sprouted from a peach/nectarine (store bought). The wood has an almond’ish scent to it (i’ve woodchipped branches). With these flowers though it has me thinking i’m 100% wrong. The trunk is in the background…the flower stalks/blooms are just showing some white.


This looks like native black cherry, Prunus serotina.


I think that might be it. I didn’t think much of the tree until it started sending out flower stalks and i’m like this isn’t what i think it is. Might have to chainsaw this one. I think these get big? Close to the house.

Thanks. I guess i’ve never seen one around here…maybe birds are dropping seeds?

Yes that’s what it is they are common here.

It seems to be a fast growing tree. I’ve cut it back multiple times/side branches/etc to keep it off the house.


id let it fruit for a season to see what the cherries are like.