New apple varieties by Midwest Apple Improvement Association

Thanks! I have been wondering what the heck Crunch-A-Bunch was. Since there isn’t a patent accepted yet, it was hard to find anything about it.

If only Gurney’s wouldn’t charge so darn much for a dwarf tree…

That Midwestern group you mention has gained access to another relatively new apple called “Evercrisp.” One local farmer here, who is a member of that group, says he has tasted Evercrisp and he believes it is the next great apple.


One of the farmers at the local farmer’s market told me that he had tried it and wasn’t impressed. It was crunchy, but “eh…”. Of course, the same guy isn’t a fan of Fuji, one of the parents, so that may carry over a bit.

While Evercrisp sounds interesting, I really want to try the Goldrush/Sweet16 crosses (MAIA7 and 8). That is one of the crosses that I was thinking about (and may have unsuccessfully attempted 2 years ago, I’d need to check my notes), given that both are standouts. I’m thinking that it could be worth the $54 (+shipping) that it would take to get them from Gurneys. Not really having any place for them at the moment is the bigger issue.

Update- as Levers101 points out, only MAIA8 is the GR/S16 cross. MAIA7 is open pollinated Honeycrisp (hopefully GR pollen, but unknown).


Not really having a place for them can’t stop us Anyway :slight_smile:


The way I read it was that MIAI7 (Crunch-A-Bunch) is a open pollinated Honeycrisp seedling. Though it sounds like it might have Goldrush as a pollen parent.

With Gurney’s the $54+shipping is really $29 + shipping. They pretty much constantly run the $25 off $50 and $50 off $100 deal. I get at least 5 emails a week from them into my promotions gmail box, many of which I am dumb enough to look at.

Also the Li’l Big trees are M27 rootstock. Gurney's Pollinator and Rootstock Chart for Fruit Trees.
The question there is that if they are like Goldrush or Honeycrisp, YMMV on the growth rate on such a dwarfing root, based off of what I’ve seen for HC and read here about GR.


I think you are right. I misread “The second selection, from that fatefull Goldrush x Sweet 16 cross, is MAIA8”. I didn’t notice the first coma, which would make it sound like both selections are from it. Darn. It sounds like they have some other good seedlings from that cross: “an array of rich unique flavors ranging from sweet licorice, to strawberry milkshake, to cherry pie”. I’m tempted to pony up the $100 instead of buying the trees…If I had more space to try them I definitely would.

Yup, I know about the discounts. I was actually factoring it in, as I figured that I’d get two full sized ones for $52 each ($104-$50=$54).

Yup, most apples are quite small on M27. But Honeycrisp stands out (at being small). Mine is downright tiny (maybe 3-4’ after 5 years) and that is without it having any apples to slow it down.

Theres a 50% off any order coupon for this month - 0551067. I don’t think I am going to get one of these but I was interested enough to add to cart :smile:


Glad to hear about this interesting breeding work esp. since disease resistance is one of their goals. I notice from Guerney’s description of Crunch a Bunch that GR’s CAR susceptibility is still there. Their promo says they improved the texture of GR- don’t see how you could improve on it.

I haven’t had GR so I can’t say, but I’m assuming this means “texture more like Honeycrisp” than a firm storage apple such as GR. “Texture like Honeycrisp” seems a big goal of everyone’s breeding program these days.

Yes the texture is more like HC. More crisp than firm. Pressure/firmness readings drop. They give firmness readings in there somewhere. My feeling is the crisp textured apples like HC will have significantly lower brix than Goldrush. I think Crunch a Bunch will be a way different apple than GR.

At this point, Gurney has a $25 off for an order of $50. A Li’l Big 2-3 ft Crunch a Bunch is at $59.99. All things considered (S&H), it would cost $49.99 for a 2-3 ft tall tree. Quite pricey.


With Scott’s discount (Thanks!), I was able to order 2 deluxe full-size trees (one of each) for $65. I would normally go with the dwarfs, but M27 is a bit on the small side (B9 would be better) and I’ll probably plant it at a rental, so it has to be more resilient than M27.

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I don’t see how I could apply the discount code!!

When you click checkout, it asks for the offer code.

I did not go that far but will do.

I am torn about the size. M111 ( or seedling is too tall for where I want to plant it. M 27 is just the opposite.

Did you order two varieties? Or two Crunch a bunch?

I got both Crunch-a-Bunch and Baker’s Delight. BD is actually the one I am most interested in, as it is the result of the GR/Sweet16 cross and is supposed to have Honey, anise, cinnamon, and vanilla hints and a floral taste. I think highly of Sweet16 and Goldrush, so the mix seems like a great idea. If you missed it, be sure to check out the PDF linked from the first post, as it has lots of details about the MAIA apples.

Note- the screenshot has Juliet, something that I was thinking about getting as well, but have held off on for now.

I indeed read it. Bob, you are the enabler, indeed :grin:

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Of all the bush cherries, Juliet is the one I am most interested in. Now I really am in trouble. You should not have pointed Juliet out to me.

Just ordered Li’l Deluxe Crunch a Bunch and a Juliet cherry.

Thank you to both you and @scottfsmith.

I bought myself Christmas gifts :grin:


Coincidence: About 4 hours ago I got to sample Evercrisp. Indeed a great apple,and I am hard to please. Somewhat of the Honeycrisp texture (a texture to me more of a curiosity than something to be sought after), but this Evercrisp gets it right, and has more flavor— balanced just a bit toward the sweet side. Also I thought it was me to have a jaundiced attitude toward Gurney’s. Glad to see others in agreement. Among other things they don’t come out and tell you what rootstocks they are grafted on.