New citrus plants!

Thought I would share this with you…Today I went out in search for some sort of orange tree to add to my citrus collection. They were all sold out so I ended up with a meyer lemon and key lime. This place has just about every type of tree you would want. Just to name a few are Cinnamon, pomegranate, olive, bananas, mango, avocados and more. These will get re potted next week when it dries up.


FYI … Key Lime is a synonym of Mexican Lime, which is native to South East Asia.

Looks good. I’m surprised you found a source with so many sub/tropical plants in your zone. Nice find!

I did recently did find that out, thanks Richard.

@Calron Thanks! There are two places both 30 min in opposite directions but I’ve been going to them for over 5 years because they have such great selection.


Looks very nice. Where is the nursery?

Cinnamon has been on my list for a long time… I wonder how large branches must be to be worth harvesting the bark?

My finger lime has been in and out of the house the past couple days because I don’t want to risk it when we keep having frost warnings…




It’s native to USDA zone 12. Growth slows to a halt under 60°F

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