New Crop Cosmic Crisp Hit Stores Dec 1

I ran across an article about Cosmic Crisp written in August. The head of the promotional firm that Washington State University hired to market CC said the 2023 crop would be released for sale on December 1. Explains why my local Kroger had a huge floor display after Thanksgiving with them on sale for $1.99. Cleaning out the old before the new arrives.

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Yup! “Stack 'em high and watch 'em fly”.

Isn’t it amazing that a single variety can be kept in stock year round when production is limited to a single state and harvest season?

I mean, think about the marvels of modern technology that have to go into the system and the logistics involved with that process.

Year round temperature, lighting, warehouse management, trucking, etc all beginning in Washington State to supply grocery stores across the country.


5.5 million 40 pound boxes of Cosmic Crisp was produced in Washington in 2022. Seventy seven percent of that production had been shipped as of late September.

The 2022 crop was a million boxes over 2021 crop as more trees came into production. 2023 crop is expected to increase by 28 percent with “outstanding” quality. For 2023 store sales ranked number 8 in sales and 10th in volume nationwide among all varieties sold.

Twenty million trees sold so far in Washington. Select production overseas has started in Italy to provide apples where sales won’t compete with shipments from Washington.

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I was reading Apple Industry articles from Countries in the old Eastern Block. Apple releases are very disruptive. They literally are considering using “Idared” orchards as firewood because they were not hot, marketable apples anymore. Moldova was actually paying more to destroy those and other old variety apples.

Then! Industrial Apple{ the very apples slated for destruction} demand increases for juice concentrates. Old variety orchard ramps up cheerfully!

Then! Oh no! The labor employing new industry of using un-employed to pick apples off abandoned orchards {who formerly supplied Industrial Apple processers} can not compete!

Such a strange cascade new wonder Apples create.


Interesting. I bought a Cosmic Crisp that wasn’t bad a month ago.

I bought 3 yesterday. The first one had that unpleasant bitter skin and mediocre texture. I threw half of it away. The other two will probably get pitched too.

Hopefully they were last year’s crop and this year’s don’t taste like that, or at least won’t for a long time.

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you might even call it “cosmic”!

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you’d think they’d just topwork ‘em

My wife picked up a 1/2 peck bag of ‘Ambrosia’, which I assume is a club apple of obvious honey crisp descent. They must not like flavor all that much up on Mt. Olympus. Maybe its an improvement on honeycrisp, I dunno. Nice crunch, but very one dimensional. Haven’t tried Cosmic Crisp yet.

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I don’t remember Ambrosia well. I’ve probably tried it a couple of times and decided it wasn’t one to look for.

I dont grocery shop all that much and even then don’t usually gravitate to fancy bagged club apples much. The best ones Ive had (at least that I can recall) are ‘Jazz’ and ‘Opal’. Ive yet to have a honeycrisp offspring that really seemed to break the mold. Maybe if they crossed it with ‘Wickson’ or something. I don’t necessarily want every apple to light me up flavor wise, but some nuance, aroma, acid, maybe a twinge of tannin. Anything to break the ketchup like monotony. One of the big cider producers, maybe Ziegler ? has an all honeycrisp cider. It sort of reminds me of mott’s apple juice cut with dishwater- a far cry from a heady mixed cider with some wilds mixed in as I enjoy when the season allows

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Yeah. Especially since the same government says there were 50,000 Hectares of Wild/Abandoned Apple forests in country.

A label with the date picked would be nice. I bought a few Gala last week. After a few bites I threw out the first one. The second one tasted as bad and texture was soft.

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This explains why Cosmic Crisp apples were on sale in major grocery stores here in Canada last month. I bought one 5 lb bag (it was the cheapest apple available) and decided that it wasn’t very good. The texture was not bad, but it lacked flavor.

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I read about cosmic crisp apples and tried to buy a couple trees from Raintree Nursery in the state of Washington. Nope, you live in that foreign country called Western NY. We can’t sell them to you. Fast forward a few years and I read in Good Fruit magazine about all the millions of cosmic crisp trees being planted around the world. Kinda felt PO about that. But then I noticed something.

After looking at the small colorless bags of cosmic crisp apples that I have seen last year and so far this year at two local ALDI stores, I don’t feel disgruntled anymore. I don’t know how they taste because I no longer buy any Washington fruit. Actually I have to wonder what they do with the good ones. You certainly won’t find them in my local ALDI’S

Actually I don’t buy apples anymore at all. I buy apple trees and grow my own. Lot more enjoyable and no more sour grapes. This forum is a big help for sure.


Aldi is trying to put groceries under foreign control, like most gas stations, motels and liquor stores already are. At least most apples are still raised in America, even if they do taste rather sorry after 10 months or more in storage. Home production may not be shiny and red, but it tastes better.


I’ve always been leary of really long storing times anyway. Even 6-7 months on old Gansta 1800’s apples was kind of dicey. Usable for cooking or juicing maybe should be the caveat.

Some more marketing info for those curious. Washington State is expected to harvest for all varieties 134 million 40 pound boxes for the 2023. That is above the average of 120 million with 2022 being a down year with 102 million due to weather issues. So even if Cosmic Crisp hits the projected 7 million this year, it’s has some to go to hit the projection of 26 million boxes for 2026.

The publically released figure of $11 million in promotional cost since 2019 for CC has turned out to be a winning investment.

I wonder what the cost and selling price per 40lb box is.

My first Cosmic Crisp was very good.
Not near as good as Envy,but good.
Then I started seeing small Cosmic Crisp in bags like Red Delicious and other standard bagged apples.
They were absolutley horrible and now I fear they are headed the same path as bagged Red Delicious,which for those who have tasted a properly grown Red Delicious with high brix,high flavor,and actually bigger than a Cosmic Crisp,can be an amazing piece of fruit.

Seems like Premium Red Delicious apples,unless you live in Washington State,are almost impossible to find anymore.


I intentionally picked the smaller ones when I grabbed these 3 latest Cosmic Crisp that yielded the unpalatable one I posted about. They had a mix of huge and small, a bi-modal distribution of size.

It was a combination of reluctance to commit and better coloring on the smaller ones. Now I kinda wish I’d gotten one huge one for comparison.

I should also probably mention that my palate is very sensitive to bitter flavors.