New Crop Cosmic Crisp Hit Stores Dec 1

Apparently a golden colored up-and-comer in the apple trade is a Chinese apple called “Venus”. Haven’t seen it in the US.

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Definitely some old timey varieties have flavor and texture that holds up well into the next summer without any special care beyond normal refrigeration. Plus they aren’t the one dimensional flavors that the sheeple are fed.

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Cosmic Crisp would fall upon marketing groups pricing not publicly available to view. But regular apples that Joe Blow orchardist brings to wholesale markets averaged the following prices for 40 lb tray pack cartons based on variety and grade for Monday Dec 18, 2023.

USDA National FOB Review
Sales F.O.B. Shipping Point and/or Delivered Sales,
Shipping Point Basis
cartons tray pack Red Delicious U.S. ExFcy 80s 25.00-30.00 mostly
26.00-27.00 occasional lower 88s 25.00-30.00 mostly 26.00-27.00
occasional lower U.S. Fcy 100s 19.00-21.50 mostly 19.00-21.00
occasional higher 113s 19.00-21.50 mostly 19.00-21.00 occasional
higher 125s 19.00-21.50 mostly 19.00-21.00 occasional higher
Golden Delicious U.S. ExFcy 80s 29.00-37.00 mostly 31.00-35.00
occasional lower 88s 29.00-34.00 mostly 31.00-34.00 occasional
lower U.S. Fcy 100s 18.00-26.00 mostly 20.00-21.00 113s 18.00-
26.00 mostly 20.00-21.00 125s 18.00-26.00 mostly 20.00-21.00 Fuji
U.S. ExFcy 72s 30.00-36.90 80s 30.00-35.00 mostly 32.00-33.00 88s
30.00-35.00 mostly 32.00-33.00 U.S. Fcy 100s 19.50-24.00 mostly
22.00-23.00 113s 19.50-24.00 mostly 22.00-23.00 125s 19.50-24.00
mostly 22.00-23.00 Granny Smith U.S. ExFcy 80s 26.50-35.00
mostly 32.00-34.00 88s 26.50-35.00 mostly 32.00-34.00 Gala U.S.
ExFcy 72s 31.00-38.00 mostly 34.00-36.00 80s 31.00-38.00 mostly
34.00-36.00 88s 31.00-35.00 mostly 33.00-34.00 U.S. Fcy 100s
18.00-21.00 mostly 19.00-20.00 113s 18.00-21.00 mostly 19.00-
20.00 125s 18.00-21.00 mostly 19.00-20.00 Honeycrisp U.S. ExFcy
72s 40.00-45.00 mostly 42.00-43.00 80s 40.00-45.00 mostly 42.00-
43.00 88s 40.00-45.00 mostly 42.00-43.00 Pink Lady/Cripps Pink
U.S. ExFcy 80s 34.50-38.00 mostly 35.00-36.00 88s 34.50-38.00
mostly 35.00-36.00 cartons 12 3-lb film bags Red Delicious U.S.
ExFcy 2 1/2" min 20.00-26.00 mostly 22.00-23.00 Golden Delicious
U.S. ExFcy 2 1/2" min 20.00-25.00 mostly 20.00-22.00 Fuji U.S.
ExFcy 2 1/2" min 22.00-27.00 mostly 23.00-25.00 Gala U.S. ExFcy
2 1/2" min 22.00-28.00 mostly 25.00-27.00 Honeycrisp U.S. ExFcy 2
1/2" min 30.00-40.00 mostly 33.00-35.00 occasional higher Pink
Lady/Cripps Pink U.S. ExFcy 2 1/2" min 24.00-28.00 mostly 25.00-27.00


Yeah; I was reading packer data and $34.50’ish was about the average per 40pd case. The lowest was commercial grade Rome Beauties @ $18.75 per case.

Not a club apple now, it is available from ACN nursery. I bought a tree for a friend 2 years ago.

A lot of orchards nowadays are not thinning their apple trees, which results in a lot of small, tasteless apples that are sold at a cheaper price as number two apples. In some cases this results in a year with very heavy and mediocre crop, followed by a year of a small, but high quality crop.

You need to find a pick your own that still have Red Delicious, and pick it end of October or early November. Last year I was lucky, and picked fantastic RD from a local orchard the last weekend of October; apparently it was the year with a small, tasty crop. This year they had a big crop, that tasted like cardboard…

I am growing two different sports of RD, but I will have to wait a couple of years to get my first crop.

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cosmic crips1

Planting 8 million trees of the same variety that has the ability to be stored for a year…

When I see that, I think they will be cheap in the store (a glut), so I guess that is good for the consumer

I am thankful and glad I have the space and means to grow many different kinds on my property