New fruit Exchange category?

We had a member suggest the idea of a “fruit exchange” category, basically like scionwood but for the fruits themselves. You could posts wants / haves etc. Other than fruit vs wood it would be identical to the scionwood category: the two parties work out the terms. The reasoning behind it is two people may have various varieties/fruits that the other person would like to try but can’t find. Its a bit harder to trade fruits due to differential ripening, potential over-ripening, etc and also the shipping is more so its not quite as easy as wood but on the other hand tasting something before investing in a tree could be worth a lot.

Please tack on your opinions below!


Think it’s a great idea! It costs about $10 per pound to ship it which is certainly worth it if you want to try something before you buy it. Pears can take 10+ years for certain varieties to produce so it’s great to know what your looking forward to! If I could make a suggestion though it would be called something like produce exchange because the garlic, tomato, herbs, peppers etc. will be on the list before you know it !


Sounds good to me. Won’t be able to cross the border so having your country in the title would be appreciated.

Neat idea- I like it!

Good idea

Aren’t there some US states that forbid entry of fruits?

Yes, CA in particular – but other western fruit-producing states have some similar policies.

Note that scionwood transport is also restricted between some states.

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Know your regulations.

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For other states that do not have such restrictions, this is a good idea as stated by @clarkinks

I like this idea too, I wish I could ship ripe figs but they don’t ship well.

Great idea. I have shipped fruits to members in the past to try out.


OK, I think we have enough interest to make the category! If it ends up not being used we can always remove it.

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Ja, this looks like the quickest way I will ever taste some of the apples that proved incapable of dealing with Spokane summers - like D’Arcy Spice (would not have guessed) and Cox Orange Pippin.

I can attest for that… :grinning: