New grape trellis journey!


I bought one locally, last year. The others I do believe I got from Isons. And I have watched the videos . . . but it’s been awhile. I’ll revisit.


haven’t posted as many pics as i should have… got the anchors in and wires pulled today. most grapes are in the ground and breaking buds.

i might have gone overboard but i put a spring thing on each end…

added stakes and tubes on every vine pushing buds…


Nice setup. I like the springs.


It looks like you did your homework.


I think you could catch returning fighter jets like they do on aircraft carriers with that setup.


Same with me i have pink reliance its setting fruit by itself


Has anyone noticed the new ‘trellis rage’? People erecting these enormously tall wire trellises to grow HOPS? We kept seeing them and were joking that these ‘nuts’ must be planning to ‘climb beanstalks to go and visit the Giant’! Then we asked around . . . and found out that they are trying to grow hops! Interesting. The posts and wiring are enormous!


There’s a few small farms that I’ve seen scattered around the region that are growing hops and they have the fancy trellises that are probably similar to what you are seeing.

I grew hops at the previous house. The bines are not too heavy like they’d be with grape vines. A regular backyard gardener can do fine with electrical conduit pipes from Home Depot/Lowe’s and some twine. You can take down your ugly trellis in the fall and put it back up in the spring. I only made one 5 gallon batch of beer this winter and despite giving some away I’m still working through it, so a single Black Friday order of ingredients from Northern Brewer/Midwest will suffice.

I like homebrewing, but it’s a healthy hobby that can quickly turn into something unhealthy. Growing fruits and vegetables is more worthwhile.


In Germany, we saw hop trellises at least 12-15’ tall. New ones can be as tall as 25’.

It is how they grow there to maximize hop’s growth, I guess.