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Hola everyone! My name is Isaac, im originally from Mazatlán, México, but have lived in Cabo San Lucas, for the last 19 years…

Im an amateur gardener, but have learned a great deal reading on this forum! Very glad to have found it! Gracias Scott for starting it

Cabo hardiness zone is zone 12a :fire::cactus: So ive had an interesting learning curve on gardening haha… Many mistakes made, and more sure to come, but its all worth it on that very first successful harvest!

Im currently growing many plants, but my fruit trees are Meyer, eureka lemons, persian and mexican limes, li and honey jar jujubes, loquats, pomegranates, Malaysian dwarf golden coconut trees, barbados cherry, starfruit trees, alphonso mango tree and meiwa kumquats… So far, so good!

Buen día :call_me_hand:t3:




Welcome amigo!

I used to live in La Paz many years ago and to this day I still miss all the fruit trees I had in my courtyard. Is there anything that you can’t grow in Baja?

Hola! La Paz receives more rain than San Lucas, but its the same heat! Go there almost every week! :wink: I have attempted to grow white and black mulberry trees, but local insects and fungi love them a bit too much and just wont quit. Loquats were also a challenge! They will tolerate morning sun, but need cover from the afternoon heat…Now theyre perfect in the right location!

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Wow, loquats amaze me. They are grown successfully from southern Baja all the way to British Columbia in Canada. There’s a huge tree in Seattle China Town that is massive and loads of fruit. I grow 3 of them here in Oregon. No fruit yet, but they are very young.

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Welcome to the forum!

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