New Mobile Format Looks Good!

Nice update! Now my commute into work will be that much more enjoyable.

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Cool, I didnt notice that was in the update.

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With the new format we lose the names of the posters. All we get is the avatar but only for those who have chosen one. Those have have not are only identified by the first letter of their names.

Also we now lose the identity of the original poster . Now the topic is identified only by the last one who responded. We also lose the quick glance look at the last few who have responded.

For me at least these are important bits of knowledge, especially when time is short and I have to choose which threads are “gotta read” now and which to put off to “catch - up” on later.

Don’t know how important this is to others but …




I liked the previous version better. But the new format is okay.

Mike, the updated version has retained those properties on my laptop. However, both the previous and current versions fit your description when I expand the text size

Whatever it is its what we get. This forum has few things to be configured.