New Olive Tree Struggling, Help Needed

Hi! New member, so let me know if I’m missing anything. I live in Los Angeles and bought an Ascolano variety of olive tree, it’s about three feet tall and staked. When I received it, its leaves and top were erect. About a week and a half later the leaves have begun to twist/wilt slightly and the top is starting to wilt as well. After receiving the tree I repotted it in standard potting mix in a large pot and watered thoroughly. I have only watered it once since then as it rained the other day. I will try to upload pics soon but I wanted to jump on this before my new tree dies. Thanks for the help!

It’s not easy to kill an olive tree, probably it’s just having replanting stress, which is pretty normal. Soil in a pot can dry fast and a tree needs more water while establishing. So check the soil moisture in the pot and water the tree regularly: you don’t want the soil to get completely dry, but too much water is not good either. Watering a potted tree through summer is a little bit tricky, you need to check on it regularly. One more thing: summer sun can overheat a dark/black pot and fry roots in the outermost soil layer. It’s a good idea to use a white pot or a white cover over the pot.