New Persimmon leader or cut?

In the fall my young/tiny Giombo (hopefully) persimmon shot up a vigorous upright shoot. It’s above the graft. I’m wondering if this would make a more vigorous central leader for the tree than the original one with those tiny branches? I’d like this guy to grow quicker.


I have the same on my Nikita’s gift. Also wondering about it.

Looks like it is more vigorous than the other central leader. You can prune off the slow growing leader and the vigorous leader reaches for the sky. Next Feburary you can top it off where ever you want for lateral branches. I did that with my Prok and it is now at 20 feet tall and 12 feet wide.


I’ve done a couple apples the same way.

Yes, I don’t understand plant hormones so much but figure something good is going on with it to push so quick ahead of the original leader.


I have no opinion on how you should prune your tree but this variety looks like it grows very large and is productive. Here is a video I found. I think he’s a member on here from Virginia.

He says the tree was as tall as the telephone pole in the background but the weight of the fruit snapped the leader.


Wow. That is some nice fruit set (too nice apparently). I’ll probably not let my persimmons get that tall.

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