New promising apple for very hot climate and high altitudes

Was browsing on apple info until I stumbled on a very interesting indian apple variety.
Here is a short info on how this variety was obtained

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What makes you think it’s promising?

By reading an article, and the fact, that apple actually grows in such conditions.

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if you follow the 2e link you can read

After two years the apple tree started giving fruits, fruits were good in quality but were small in size. So, to improve the quality I grafted its stem with the plum tree and the results were exceptionally good. Ultimately, I developed a different variety of apple which can be grown commercially at very low hills with a warm climate.

I though plum and apple where not graft compatible? He states it, like it’s a “thing” (grafting apple to plum to increase fruit qualities)

Something might have gone lost in translation. But it seems strange to me.

stil reading how many tree’s have been plant from his later developed seedlings. That’s quite impressive.

This statement about apple-plum compatibility is also very strange to me. Maybe he knows the secrets we don’t. OR, you might be right about mistranslation - could it be ‘pear’ instead of ‘plum’!!!??? I did these type of grafrs in the past and they work.