New range of cherry trees for ultra hot climates (ultra low chill varieties)

I see that in America, good cherry trees are obtained , but you in this forum don’t have much knowledge about them.
The Californian company IFG, very famous for obtaining excellent varieties of seedless grapes (I have many of its varieties of this type of grapes in my orchard) has developed a cherry improvement program, the objectives of which are these.

Cherries Goals & Objectives

• Low Chill - 150 to 400 Hours
• Reduced Doubling
• Reduced Cracking
• Earlier Ripening
• Firm Flesh, High Quality
• Large Fruit Size
• Dark and Blush Types
• Good Handling Ability
• Self Fertile
• Stem-less

This spring I will graft at least two of its varieties.

  • Cheery Grand

  • Cheery Treat

I give you the information, the way to obtain them (each one has their own method hahahahaha)



How hot does it get at your place what about humidity

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HI Rahul1.
My region has a very low level of humidity throughout the year.
This offers me two advantages.

  • Very low incidence of fungal diseases
  • I have no cracking problems in cherries

But this does not mean that I have less interest towards varieties of cherries resistant to cracking, since in the cultivation of cherries, this parameter is very important.

Hi fruitgrower, I have seen your “like”.
You liked these two varieties of cherries hahahaha.
For California they are incredibly good.
We will talk privately, you and me.


This is my first post on this web. I from China。May I exchange some Chinese cherry varieties with you? I have more than one hundred kinds of cherries in my orchard. I like to collect different varieties of cherries.